A Thousand Things to Do

This week was reminder that there always seems to be a thousand things that need to get done in our lives. For our family it was getting kids off to college, a wedding, church work, and an upcoming board meeting – but I’m really not looking for sympathy. Each one of us feels the same…

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Give Me Liberty

Most of us have heard the famous quote from Patrick Henry, “Is life so dear, or peace so sweet, as to be purchased at the price of chains and slavery? Forbid it, Almighty God! I know not what course others may take; but as for me, give me liberty, or give me death.” While many…

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The Gospel & Social Media

“It’s only a tool, or resource.  The good or bad that comes from it depends on how it is used.” I couldn’t agree more and still there are times I just want to delete my Facebook account and escape the drama. For all the times I enjoy seeing what my friends are up to, or…

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Prayer – do you really believe?

The noted atheist Madalyn Murray O’Hair once stated, ““No god every gave man anything, nor answered any prayer at any time, nor never will.” On the surface almost every Christian I know would openly opposed that statement and defend the power of God to work through prayer. I am afraid however that all to often…

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The Things that Unite Us.

In 1961 John F. Kennedy made this statement while addressing the Canadian Parliament, “what unites us is far greater than what divides us.”  In Kennedy’s speech he was discussing geography, politics, and economics. We live in a really troubled world and Kennedy’s words couldn’t be more true – especially for those of us living in…

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Happy to be a big toe

In the 1981 film Stripes, Bill Murray gives a speech in the army barracks in which he says, “An army without a leader is like a foot without a big toe.”  I am not sure that Murray, or the producers of Stripes understood the Biblical implications of that statement when Murry made it, but notice…

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VBS - July 20-23

Vacation Bible School – July 20-23

HAPPY, HAPPY, HAPPY!  Our Duck Dynasty Themed VBS is just around the corner. You are invited to join us for Vacation Bible School at the Lake Butler Church of Christ, July 20-23 @ 6:00 pm each evening.  Join us for a quacking good time as we lasso five parables from the Bible: Redonkulus Faith Radical…

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unity 2

Imperfect Unity

Tell me if this situation has played out in your home.  You say something innocently, or perhaps playfully to your wife, but she hears something entirely different and before you know you are sleeping on the couch in the bonus room. You can’t relate to that one? How about this? You volunteer to teach a…

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Proclaim Liberty through the Land

Independence Day is just around the corner. For most of us it is a time for cooking on the grill, a day on the lake, or shooting off some fireworks, but I hope it will also be a time to stop and reflect on the liberties and freedoms that men and women gave their lives…

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Happy Father’s Day

I recall hearing the story of some children who begged for a hamster, and after the usual fervent vows that they alone would care for it, they got one. They named it Danny. Two months later, when Mom found herself responsible for cleaning and feeding the creature, she located a prospective new home for it….

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